The best year of your life starts here. Prepare to set a biblical foundation for life through studying the Word of God, serving in ministry, and discovering God’s will for your life.

Admissions Requirements

Each applicant must be at least 17 years of age at the time of registration.

Since the Bible Institute is a post secondary institution, each applicant must be a high school graduate, have obtained a GED or have met the requirements of New York State (or their state or province) regarding High School completion by the time they enroll for their first semester. Home school applicants may take the GED or submit the Home School Verification Form along with a transcript using the Sample Transcript Form.

Transcripts are required for all secondary and post-secondary education.

Each applicant must be in agreement with Word of Life’s Statement of Faith and signify a willingness to abide by its Standard of Conduct.

Each applicant must give their testimony of being born again and indicate a sincere desire to study the Word of God.

A confirmation deposit of $250 is required of all accepted applicants to secure on-campus housing and to solidify attendance. This deposit is treated as a tuition payment and will be credited toward the first semester school bill.

International Students

The Word of Life Bible Institute Canadian extension was instituted to provide for the needs of students and the church in Canada. For this reason, only a limited number of students are accepted from outside of Canada. It should also be noted that Citizenship and Immigration Canada may not permit someone from your country to travel to Canada to attend our school. Please visit their website ( for more details and information about your country.

International students, including those from the US, are advised to make early contact with the Admissions Department at the Canadian extension campus. Applicants are advised to adhere to the following procedures:

1. Complete and return the application, autobiography, picture, and two reference forms. The Word of Life Bible Institute extension in Canada cannot issue an acceptance letter without this information.

2. Recommendation from Word of Life Country Director and/or International Student Advisor (please contact for information)

3. If an applicant’s primary language is not English, take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and submit those scores to the Admissions Department in Canada. For more information on TOEFL, see

4. Submit high school and any post-secondary transcripts. The Bible Institute may request a certified translation of such transcripts.

5. Provide proof of health insurance for the time you will be a student.

6. Submit funds to be held on deposit for tuition, room and board, and return transportation. Additionally, provide evidence of sufficient funds or financial support to pay incidental expenses.

7. Obtain a Study Permit from the Canadian Consulate. See the Canadian government website at for up-to-date details. An applicant will need to provide the Canadian government with the following:

A. An acceptance letter from the Bible Institutes Canadian extension

B. Proof of health insurance

C. Evidence of sufficient funds or financial support to pay for the year at the Bible Institute which may be a letter from the Bible Institute that the funds are already on deposit.

Tuition & Fees


First Semester

Tuition $4,000.00
Room & Board $4,380.00
Fees  $265.00

Logos Fee*

First Semester Totals



 *Logos Fee includes personal licence for Logos. The majority of textbooks are included in this program.

Second Semester

Tuition $4,000.00
Room & Board $4,380.00
Fees $290.00
Second Semester Totals $8,670.00
Semester Totals $17,740.00
Summer Ministry Practicum Fees $125.00

Other possible fees:

Estimated Cost of Textbooks: $110
Electives per hour: $75
Special Dietary Needs (as required): $225
Estimated Cost of Health Insurance (International Students): $700
Late Registration: $100

* Prices are subject to change *