Financial Aid & Scholarships

Admissions Discounts

Early Confirmation Scholarship

Students who apply, are accepted, and submit a $250 confirmation fee prior to the following dates will receive the allotted scholarship towards their tuition.

September 28 – $800
October 28 – $750
November 28 – $600
December 28 – $550
January 28 – $500
February 28 – $450
March 28 – $400
April 28 – $300
May 28 – $200
June 28 – $100

Campus Days Discount

If you attend campus days you will receive a $200 discount off your tuition.

Ministry Discount

If you apply during Recharge, a travel team ministry event, or during a summer camp you will receive a $300 discount.

Alumni Discount

If you know of someone who has graduated from WOLBI they are able to give you a $200 discount voucher. Please see the Alumni for more details. 

Sibling Discount

If you have an immediate family member who has graduated from our one year program you will receive a $600 discount. This discount takes the place of the alumni scholarship and cannot be stacked with it.

Earned Discounts


If you know of a friend who has not yet applied to WOLBI, you can contact the admissions team with their name and if they register in the fall, you will receive $500 off of your tuition and your friend will receive $250 off of their tuition (the $250 will fall under the Admissions scholarships which are capped at $1000).

For more information, please contact our admissions team.

Local Church Ministries Discount

Steadfast, Cre8tive Discipleship, Teens Involved or any Word of Life led ministry Awards received from programs may all be combined to a maximum of $3,000 per single academic year.

Original certificates of completion/placement must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office with the Scholarship Application.

Resident Assistant Discount

Each Resident Assistant is responsible for approximately six to ten students assuming a leadership role in various aspects of our program, enforcing school standards, supervising work assignments, and organizing ministries.

If you are invited to leadership week and get accepted as an RA you will receive $600 off per semester.

Summer Ministry Discount

This award is awarded to a student that has successfully completed a summer ministry with Word of Life. The award is made based on the student’s participation in one of the following summer ministries:

Summer Staff
Awarded to students who have successfully completed Word of Life’s Summer Staff program at the Word of Life youth Camp:
First year- $200,
second year- $300,
third year-$400
fourth year $500
This award is cumulative. The maximum a student will receive for this award is $1,400.

Students that are Canadian citizens, have raised their support in Canada and have participated in this short term missions trip through WOL in New York are eligible to receive $200.


The perspective student that receives a church endowment toward tuition is entitled to matching funds up to $1000.00 by Word of Life.



Scholarship Applications must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office no later than August 1st.

Christian Worker Scholarship

This discount is made available for dependent children of full-time and part-time Pastors, Missionaries, or private Christian School Teachers/ Administrators.

The amount awarded is determined by a Review board up to $1800.

John Macqueen Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is intended to benefit a student who has served on the Summer Staff program. The Dean’s Office will review applications for approval. The amount awarded varies and is awarded over two academic semesters.

Staff Dependent Scholarship

This scholarship is intended to assist a student who is a dependent of a full-time WOL staff member who is currently employed as well as has been employed with WOL for one or more years.

Please contact the Admissions office for more details.

Directors Scholarship

This scholarship varies from $200-$2,500 and is intended to assist a student who can document significant financial need.

Wyrtzen Scholarship

This scholarship varies from $200-$500 and is intended to assist worthy students who would be unable to pay their tuition at WOLBI without additional financial help.



Email to ask for specific scholarship information. From there the admissions department will send the necessary forms and applications. 

Please be sure to follow all instructions and recommendations as outlined in our Financial Aid material in order to achieve the smoothest process possible.

Institutional scholarships/discounts may not exceed the cost of Room/Board, Tuition, and Fees.
Students that receive financial aid will be sent an award letter. The award letter details how much aid is being applied to each semester.

Institutional Scholarships are subject to review and change by the scholarship committee. The committee determines student eligibility, award criteria, and the amount awarded.

Scholarships given to students who withdraw or are dismissed from the Bible Institute are subject to prorating based on the number of weeks the student has completed.